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The Orb's Gift from Heaven Book
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*All rights reserved.
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**Available online at most Independent Bookstores Worldwide.
**Thank you to FLY BY MIDNIGHT for the instrumental version of their song ~What if I wasn't done lovin' you.

About this Book....

The Orb’s Gift from Heaven

reveals rare insight into the spiritual orb phenomenon.



Four chapters into the book he purchased on a whim only hours before, Sean Bradley stops reading mid-sentence, already aware of how the story ends. Word for word, it describes his life in a nutshell, and the details are hauntingly accurate. Never having met author Evily Landy, the Hollywood star is angry she is profiting from his tragic past. Determined to get the names of her sources, Sean gathers clues from social media and finds her vacationing on the East Coast. Not wasting time, he travels to Boston and confronts her, but Evily is not what he expected.

A kind mother of two with a loving heart, he is surprised by her intimidating level of wisdom and is drawn to more than just her smile. Venturing into unchartered territory, he witnesses her strange, intuitive abilities while she divulges that her source for the story is not one but two misty spiritual orbs.


Grief-stricken to hear the names of the souls attached to each, Sean feels the need to learn more. Keeping her promise to the orbs, the author grants him a profound supernatural experience. Through it all, torn between the past and the present, he cannot ignore the strong connection developing with the family and sees his life drifting in a new direction.


A heartfelt journey of faith and love, The Orb’s Gift from Heaven shows how those who have crossed over guide our lives by influencing fate.


In the end, Sean Bradley discovers that meeting Evily Landy was not the only thing the orbs orchestrated from beyond the grave. He, too, was a heavenly miracle sent to save a family harboring a disturbing secret.

*All rights reserved.
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Spiritual Orbs
  have fascinated scientists for centuries.  Their existence has yet to be proven and explained.  Perhaps their approach is wrong.  Shouldn’t we have faith and believe in the things we can not see but are there?  Understand that there is a reason why orbs appear to us.  A message.  A purpose.  A soul.

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There is a significant secret within the pages. 

This story was written for someone specific—a man still dealing with the loss of loved ones after two decades. His fears and doubts inspired the character of Sean Bradley.

If you're up for a challenge, try decoding the clues scattered throughout the book. Many are hiding in plain sight, waiting for you to piece them together. Once you do, you'll uncover a deeper meaning behind the story.

If you want to know who I wrote this book for, visit and email me via my contact page. Kindly introduce yourself and comment on the story, then reveal who you think I wrote it for.

I'll personally respond and let you know if you're right.

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The Orb's Gift from Heaven Inspiration Board.

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What People Are Saying...

Lyla R. ~ “The Sean Bradley character is the perfect man. So dreamy!” 

Debbie. L ~ “If you don’t believe in spiritual orbs, you will after reading this book.”

Christine. M ~ “For all the Hockey Moms out there!  This is a great book to read while you are waiting at the rink!  Every Hockey Mom will relate to the character Evily Landy.” 

Melody. G ~ “I wonder if the heavenly messages were truly meant for someone. The orb readings described are very specific like they were passed along for a reason.”  

Lisa. R ~ “An emotional read.  It makes you ponder life. We all have an expiry date…” 

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The Orb's Gift from Heaven Book
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