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Book An Author Visit!


What to expect:

  • Step into the vibrant world behind my books, where inspiration meets creation.

  • Discover the essence of my storytelling, the very spark that ignited each narrative, in an exclusive behind-the-scenes insight into my creative process.

  • Join me for an engaging Q&A session where I delve into an Author's Life, sharing personal experiences navigating the intricacies of writing, editing, cover design, and the thrilling journey of publishing. Discover how a book transforms from a manuscript to a tangible product before launching to eager readers.

  • An in-person book signing experience. I love connecting with my readers and hearing how my stories impact their lives. For any author, these interactions are cherished. 

  • Unlock a special discounted offer for hosting me at your school, bookstore, library, or any unique event, where stories intertwine with laughter, happy banter, and an abundance of memorable moments!

  • ​Dive into the magic behind the pages and the joy of bringing stories to life!

Submit an Author Visit Request.
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Thank you! We will connect soon!

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