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Writing has always been a welcomed escape through the years.  
At the age of twelve, I often wrote short stories to pass the time. Believe it or not, the internet did not exist, and computers were just beginning to surface, so my only option, other than using a typewriter, was a traditional one - pen to paper. Sadly, that statement makes me feel quite old.
Now without warning, thirty-eight years of my life have suddenly slipped away. Being a mother of three, as many women know, is a very time-consuming job in itself. We put all of our efforts into raising our children, sometimes setting personal hopes and dreams aside to ensure their success over our own. Now retired from a twenty-five-year career, with children who are older and require less attention, it has given me the freedom to focus on a few aspirations. Writing has been on the top of my Wish List.  
Everyone should prepare a list like this and genuinely attempt to reach these goals, no matter how impossible they seem. It will give you a sense of gratitude for each experience gifted to your life. Always fill every day, right to the brim, because you never know when your time here on earth could be cut short.  
Years back, I found this out firsthand when given a rather bleak medical diagnosis. When your specialist says you require life-saving surgery, everything grinds to a halt. For those who have endured the same, you know the days leading up to the operation are full of soul-searching. You prepare yourself for the worst but hope for the best. It changes your perspective on every level, allowing you to focus on what is truly important. After an eight-hour surgery and a six-month recovery, I survived with a lot of welcomed support, thoughts, and prayers from the people who surround my family.
Since then, I have promised myself never to let a day go by without accomplishing something, appreciating someone, or offering my help without question.  
My stories emerge from experiences that have shaped my life. Hidden inside the pages are pieces of my past. Some I treasure, others I would rather soon forget.  
I hope what I write inspires you. Each book is unique. Whether you are looking for action/adventure, a heartfelt romance, a festive holiday story, or feel the need to immerse in the paranormal/afterlife, there is something for every reader.    
Whatever you are in the mood for, curl up in your favorite reading nook, and enjoy.   


E.A. Stark

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**Personal photos of my travels and favorite places that inspired my books.  *All Rights Reserved.

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