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Would you have the courage to leave your life behind and disappear without a trace to be with the one you love?


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Escaping Whitsunday Book
*All rights reserved.
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About this Book

Eva Thompson believes she has it all - a lucrative career, everlasting love, and a bright future ahead of her. But that all changes when fate steps in to correct her mistakes. Piece by piece, her life crumbles.

Desperate to escape the overwhelming heartache, turmoil, and utter failure weighing her down, Eva impulsively travels to the majestic Whitsunday Islands off the coast of Australia to heal her heart.

While mingling amongst the tourists scattered throughout the Hamilton Island shops, a handsome gentleman, who is also traveling alone, befriends her. Within days, she becomes naively entangled in his dark criminal world. An unbreakable bond develops between them.

Aware of the dangers lurking in the shadows, he vows to protect her from harm at all costs. Trusting him with her life, knowing there is no turning back, he is compelled to share his true identity. Forced to abandon their very existence, the two embark on an epic journey and disappear without a trace.


*All rights reserved.
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A Glimpse Inside Escaping Whitsunday

Hamilton Island
Whitehaven Inlet
Peak District
Prince Edward Island
East Point Lighthouse


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