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Amidst the enchanting backdrop of the luxurious Carling Resort Hotel, Julia and her daughter Sydney are excited to share a peaceful holiday with their adoptive Muskoka family. Little do they know, a Scrooge-like presence threatens to invade their cherished Christmas traditions.


But when Julia crosses paths with famous baseball player Ty Reynolds, it sparks an unexpected connection. Their encounter heralds a year of heartwarming transformations and newfound beginnings in this tale of love, loss, and heartfelt holiday magic.

* c/o VANDER FILMS on Unsplash
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*All rights reserved.

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"A PURE love between two people. So lovely." ~ Lana.P.
"I wish baseball player Ty Reynolds existed.  I would marry him in a second." ~ Anna.G.
"A story that will pull at your heartstrings and ignite every emotion imaginable." ~ Nathalie.C.
"I want to visit the Carling Hotel.  Maybe something magical will happen for me too." ~ Melissa.J.
"Beautiful traditions centered around kindness to others. Not enough of that in this world." ~ Lois.B.
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