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Book ONE in the Series

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*All rights reserved.
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January 2024!

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DJ Black Lyon is like the mythical creature. No one has ever seen his face or photographed him.  His identity is unknown.

Image by Craig Melville

California reigns supreme when it comes to billionaire families. LA’s teenage elites live in a world far beyond the scope of most. Amidst the land of sunny beaches, palm trees, and Hollywood stars, this small, tight-knit group of heirs rarely welcomes outsiders. But when they meet Abi Acardi, some go against that social norm and make an exception.


Anxious about rebuilding her life on the West Coast, she braces for the worst, not knowing what to expect. Venturing beyond the gates of her Bel Air home, she does her best to blend - a monumental task since her father enrolled her in the exclusive Gilderson School. A far cry from Boston, Abi believes finding common ground with anyone there will be challenging. 


A brunette standing out in a sea of blondes, pressured to fit in, it doesn’t take long to immerse in everyone’s extravagant lifestyle. Desperate to stay grounded and not let it go to her head, Abi’s intriguing presence creates a wave of social upheaval that attracts the most popular guy in school. Drama abounds when she naively follows the crowd and downloads the Black Lyon App. Hoping to score a ticket to the famous DJ’s Saturday Night Rave, the humble girl wonders whether she is worthy enough to make the cut. But when that experience spawns a series of conflicts that cloud Abi’s judgment, will her friends be waiting in the wings to help, or will the famous DJ be hiding in the shadows, ready to save her?


BLACK LYON is a ride from beginning to end. It is a thrilling yet, heartfelt account of Abi Acardi’s new fairytale life. YA Readers will dive into teen-oriented themes while the main character tries to navigate with a moral compass. 

*All rights reserved.
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"Your main character Abi is different from the rest. She is very unique. I like when the main character has this spark that draws people in - when the main character connects with people on a different level." 

Adriana. S.

"I'm obsessed with this book. The characters. The drama. The sweet love story. It's so different from anything in the YA space. Love it!" 

Sydney. B.

"A story that will keep you guessing from beginning to end. By the last chapter, it felt like the characters were my friends."

Lily. W.

"This book leaves you on a cliffhanger! I can hardly wait to read the next one."

Maddy. C.

"Incredible story. Regardless of money, fame, and fortune, behind closed doors, you never know what someone is dealing with."

Ava. B.

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California Girls
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