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There's A Secret Hidden Inside

The Orb's Gift from Heaven. 

The inspiration behind THE ORB’S GIFT FROM HEAVEN stems from a personal and unique experience that led me to explore supernatural themes, particularly the world of spiritual orbs.  These mysterious circles of faint light, often captured in security footage, cemeteries, and forests, served as the starting point for the story.

In life, we have all lost someone close to us.  Me included.  The common threads attached to our loved one’s passing sparks questions like - Where did they go?  Are they happy?  Do they watch over us?  Does Heaven exist?  This book addresses the universal curiosity surrounding life after death, Heaven, and the existence of spiritual realms. 

I plunged into near-death experience (NDE) documentaries, incorporating details from over five hundred survival stories into the plot.  This exploration of the afterlife, woven into the lives of Hollywood actor Sean Bradley and author Evily Landy, aims to ignite one’s faith and leave food for thought.

I experienced a poignant moment.  I received a message from a middle-aged woman in palliative care who wanted to review this book.  I promptly agreed.  When a month passed without receiving any communication, I assumed she had sadly passed away.  To my astonishment, her daughter contacted me, revealing that her Mom had finished the book in just two days and wanted me to know how much she loved the heartfelt story.  The woman conveyed how it alleviated her mother’s fear of death and crossing over. Grateful for its positive impact, the daughter extended her thanks, as she believed the story provided her mother with the peaceful passing she had hoped and prayed for.

To add authenticity, 

Not long after the book’s release, 

Further adding to the story’s depth, 

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I’ve hidden a significant secret within the pages.  I wrote this with a specific person in mind.  Someone still grappling with the loss of his loved ones after two decades.  This individual’s fears and skepticism inspired Sean Bradley’s character.  For readers willing to embark on a journey to unveil this mystery, one must decode the clues and piece them together.  Many are hiding in plain sight.  If successful, you will discover a deeper, more profound meaning behind the book.  To those up for the challenge, I invite you to visit my website’s contact page and share your thoughts on who you believe I wrote this book for.  If you do, I will confirm your answer and reveal more insight into the character.

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