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What inspired my book, Escaping Whitsunday?

My debut novel, ESCAPING WHITSUNDAY, draws inspiration from a blend of fiction and reality.  

The story follows Eva Thompson, a young woman whose seemingly perfect life turns unexpectedly.  The initial chapters will resonate with most since Eva and Scott are not fictional characters but real people.  Many readers will connect with the rawness and hurt stirred by the actual events that transpired in her life.

As the real Eva faced this challenging point and sought solace, she wished she could escape for a month on vacation to regroup and heal.  This wish became my book’s foundation, shifting the rest into the fictional outcome of this desired escape.


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Burdened by heartache and turmoil, the excitement begins when she travels to the Whitsunday Islands off the coast of Australia and encounters a handsome stranger along the way.  Little does she know, but meeting him would change her life.

Fueled by my love for action, adventure, and romance, I meticulously researched the globe’s most beautiful destinations.  I have described every location, house, and landmark as they truly exist.  







Written and released during the Covid lockdown, when everyone remained confined at home, I added an interactive element by including GPS coordinates in later chapters to allow readers to travel and visit the book’s depicted scenes virtually.  I often wondered if someone would embark on a real-world journey inspired by Eva Thompson.  The houses featured are vacation rentals, presenting the potential for an exciting, around-the-world adventure for those with unlimited resources—an unfathomable trip filled with thrilling firsts.

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Beautiful Destinations

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