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What Inspired My Book, BLACK LYON?

Readers of “Black Lyon” can anticipate a captivating blend of young adult drama, romance, and conflict. It is a gripping story of obsession and the irresistible allure of the unknown, where the boundaries between illusion and reality blur amidst the pulsating beats of the elitist rave scene. Abi Acardi navigates this electrifying world, determined to unravel the secrets shrouding the famous DJ, Black Lyon.   

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Released in July 2023, it thrusts the reader into the girl’s new life on the West Coast.  A teenager transplanted from Boston to Bel Air, Abi causes upheaval within Gilderson Prep’s social hierarchy. Amidst the glitz and glamour, she grapples with her friend’s extreme wealth, is caught in a love triangle, and dodges petty high school drama while navigating peer pressure to conform.  

Despite seeming stereotypical initially, the characters evolve into more than what society branded.  Most are from affluent backgrounds, suggesting they enjoy an easy life.  The story uncovers the truth of each character’s struggles with parental absence, low self-worth, and a loveless family.  Left to their own devices, the teens make impulsive decisions, creating a riveting storyline.  The modern feel is balanced with a conscience that guides characters through moral choices.  I kept the scenes raw but emotional, edgy yet clean – a rollercoaster ride for the soul. 

A Little Background...

The initial inspiration for BLACK LYON began by reading an obscure social media post revealing the underground world of an elite rave scene thriving in different parts of the globe. This hidden subculture was a captivating discovery, complete with a customized app for ticket processing, luxurious perks, and cryptic instructions leading revelers to secret destinations - a subject I could not wait to explore.  Upon further research, the concept expanded to elite prep schools strategically concealed in strange, unexpected locations.  The mysteriousness of it added to The Abi Acardi Series, allowing me to weave in pieces of this hierarchal society that defies conventional norms. 

The characters in the story navigate these hidden realms, creating a suspense-filled departure from reality.

Readers bond with Abi Acardi since she is unlike her newfound crowd. The girl is relatable, kind, intelligent, and thoughtful – a breath of fresh air as she maneuvers many trials, attracting attention and conflict at every turn. 

What's Next?

The series continues with DARK DEMON and RED DRAGON.  Both dive deeper into relationships, friendships, dangers, and the sinister connections attached to the famous DJ and his elite raves. With profound experiences set in the lap of luxury, the series offers an escape as readers get whisked into a world only the privileged get to see.

The moral compass remains in books two and three, but drawing a line in the sand becomes more complicated for these teenagers, labeling the story bingeable by my test readers.

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 is a unique, thrilling, and heartfelt read from start to finish.


It will leave the reader anticipating the release of book two this summer.


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