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Fiery Sun

 From the Ashes Springs New Life. 

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Sedated by his parents and kidnapped from his home, twenty-year-old genius Alaric Naphtali-Galperin, is transported across the globe to a secret underground facility hidden deep in the mountainous fjords of Norway.

Held against his will after waking up in a sterile medical bay, an elderly woman named Edna warmly tends to him. She reveals that his exceptional IQ and Computer Science/Engineering expertise are requested to help save the planet from the climate crisis. Asked to work within the state-of-the-art laboratory named VALOR, Alaric soon realizes he is not the only one chosen to tackle the challenging task. Meeting the beautiful Annora Asher while integrating into life below ground, the two develop an unbreakable bond that many of their new friend's envy.

While working diligently, Alaric’s knowledge of the heliosphere and how it relates to ancient prophecies sends him outside the climate narrative imposed by the Elders. Quietly sharing his data and research with his friends and colleagues, knowing what the Earth is indeed about to face, Alaric discovers that VALOR is more than just a scientific facility.


Urban Indoor Gardens
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Modern White Building
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