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With a FLASH of light, the city goes DARK.
But the worst is yet to come.

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About this Book....

Chicago literary agent, Lily Weiss, returns to the city of New York for the first time since losing her father twenty years ago. Believing his spirit is always protecting her, she walks down the street not far from where the Twin Towers once stood. 

Seeing a large crowd gathered outside the Greenwich Hotel, Lily stops to see what all the fuss is about. Suddenly, Hollywood heart-throb Archer MacMillan makes his grand exit. Waving to the fans before ducking into the chauffeur-driven SUV, the famous actor immediately spots the pretty woman standing out amidst a sea of camera phones pointing in his direction. She is the only person not looking at him from behind a lens. Starstruck, their eyes meet. Offering a timid wave, Lily suddenly leaves the crowd behind and continues her walk to the 9/11 Memorial fountains. Watching her move farther away from him, Archer feels this overwhelming need to meet her and abruptly changes his departure plans despite his agent's advice. While following her down the street, he hopes to get her name at least, if nothing else.   Little does he know, spiritual forces are at work, intent on bringing the two together on the eve of a global catastrophic event.

That night it all happens in a flash.  Struggling to survive through extreme conditions, Lily and Archer experience the unthinkable while Escaping Manhattan.

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