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Sometimes the hardest part is letting go...

Forever Your Guardian BOOK COVER August

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*All rights reserved.
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About this Book....


Living in a small town divided by more than just a river, teens Shawn Connor and Anna Augusta unexpectedly meet at the local ski resort, never knowing the other existed. The two tread carefully as feelings quickly develop, understanding all too well that the north and the south families do not mix. They haven't for generations.

After spending a memorable winter together on the slopes with friends, their lives go in different directions. Drifting apart, Anna is obsessed with her grades and earning an athletic college scholarship, while Shawn enjoys high school without excessive stress. Over the next three years, immersed in different circles, the two finally reconnect at the end of senior year, just before Anna moves fifteen hundred miles away. It was difficult to say their goodbyes.  

Feeling somewhat abandoned and alone when Anna left, Shawn realizes he can't imagine his life without her. Determined to save enough money to attend college and pursue his chosen career, he decides to write her letters while she is away, hoping their relationship will rekindle on paper. Drawn closer together through the words sent back and forth between them, Shawn can hardly wait to see Anna during Christmas Break. Plagued by long-distance stress and Anna's will to succeed, he prepares to ask her a life-altering question that affects them both. 

Sadly, that is when tragedy strikes. 

Eight years go by in a blink, and the two meet again under very unusual circumstances. It doesn't take long to discover that the love they share extends beyond the grave.

*All rights reserved.
sbowy forest 2.jpg
Photo by Avel Chuklanov on Unsplash
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