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Who has Abi's heart?
*All rights reserved.
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Book 1

*All rights reserved.

DJ Black Lyon is like the mythical creature. No one has ever seen his face or photographed him.  His identity is unknown.

Los Angeles

About this Book....

*All rights reserved.

Moving with her Mom from Boston to Los Angeles after her father takes on a high-profile position, Abi Acardi settles into a very different life in Bel Air. Now in the land of palm trees and sandy beaches, living in a beautiful mansion, and gifted a car, her father’s work arranges for her to attend private school.   The Gilderson Academy is unlike anything she ever expected. From the very first day, she quickly discovers that every student stands to inherit billions and that their glamorous lifestyle is nothing short of pure luxury.​

A brunette standing out in a sea of blonde, Abi captures the attention of Shane Coppersmith, the football team's captain, and creates a wave of social disruption among the high-ranking elites. Embraced by the most popular group, she follows the lead of her new friends and downloads the Black Lyon App, hoping she, too, is granted a ticket to the mysterious DJ’s exclusive Saturday Night Rave. ​

Excited to finally receive her ticket for the weekend event, Abi and Shane make their way to the party, following the strange, precarious instructions given to find its undisclosed location. Surrounded by hundreds of people in the middle of nowhere, craziness abounds within the first hour when Abi discovers Shane has several enemies - some of which target her to get to him. Fearful, placed in a dire predicament with no way out, the famous DJ bursts onto the scene and rescues her. Indebted to the man, not knowing his identity, she is determined to thank him for what he did. This sparks Abi’s obsession with Bel Air’s Black Lyon. Torn between the two, who will win Abi’s heart?

*All rights reserved.
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